Bryozoans Control

Bryozoans are filter feeding organisms that can flourish in freshwater reservoirs including those that are used for the temporary storage of irrigation water used to supply golf courses and other landscaped areas. Bryozoans and other filter feeding organisms can flourish within lakes, particularly around the shallow margins where they can attach to rocks and other areas with a free flowing source of organic matter and particulate food source.

Bryozoans can also grow attached to the inner walls of irrigation system networks leading to reduced irrigation water flow and blockage of sprinkler heads. This can result in the clogging of filter heads and subsequent death of landscaping.

ALPHA Environmental Solutions apply a combination of physical screening and routine chemical treatments in the storage reservoirs and irrigation system networks, to eliminate Bryozoans.

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Pre-treatment condition on the golf course. Extensive clogging of filters.

24 hours post-treatment. Vorticella colonies continuing to clog the sprinkler heads and filters. Obvious color change from green to brown, indicating start of control.

48 hours post-treatment. Most of organic matter has been removed from the system.

Images showing result of exposure to treatment which has resulted in significant changes in the cell shape of Vorticella. Left shows actively feeding Vorticella cells, with cilia beating to produce a water current for sourcing food. Right following exposure to treatment. The cilia are retracted and the organisms have ceased feeding.