Weed Control

Invasive weeds have a negative impact on the overall health of a lake or large pond. Tall growing weeds can obscure the view to residents in lake front properties. Their destructive and fast growing root systems can puncture lake liners leading to uncontrolled water loss and increased maintenance and repair costs. Weeds can also produce habitats suitable for insect and rodent breeding.

ALPHA Environmental Solutions have experience with both herbicide application and manual removal of noxious weeds from lake margins, without impacting other aquatic life. The type of method used for treatment and elimination depends on the type of nuisance weed species present, the severity of the overgrowth, and the preferences of the client.

In the UAE, the most common noxious weed is Phragmites that can grow rapidly to a height of up to 16 feet and can rapidly outgrow and eliminate other more favorable aquatic weeds. In our experience, this weed cannot be eliminated through physical removal alone, due to its rapid reproductive propagation by underground rhizomes. Our removal methods are based on International Best Practices by the US Environmental Protection Authority that involve the application of selective herbicides followed by physical removal with specialized machinery.

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