Sludge Removal & Disposal Services

The accumulation of sludge is a common feature of all man-made lakes and reservoirs. In the Middle East, lakes located in residential areas often serve as temporary storage reservoirs for storm-water runoff, and gradually accumulate debris over time. Dust storms are another contributing factor to the accumulation of sediments in lakes as is the settlement of dead algae and other organisms. No matter the type of pond or lake, it will, at some point, develop a layer of sludge on the bottom. If the sludge becomes too thick, dissolved oxygen levels are rapidly depleted leading to the production of odorous and toxic compounds like hydrogen sulfide (H2S), methane (CH4) that can result in the death of aquatic life. The accumulation of sludge in irrigation water lakes can reduce the storage capacity of the reservoir leading to water shortages in the hotter months when irrigation demand increases. The decomposition sludge under anoxic conditions also releases many nutrients that contribute to the proliferation of filamentous algae and cyanobacteria. Sludge accumulation also provides a suitable habitat for midge reproduction, leading to pest issues in parks and community areas.

Periodic removal of sludge is important for the health of all artificial lakes and ponds. Our skilled and experienced team can carry out sludge profiling at no cost, to identify the quantity of sludge in a given lake and provide advice on options for removal or elimination of that sludge. Our unique and specialized system of dredging can be applied to lakes of all sizes including those with waterproof lining with no risk of liner damage, and without the need to drain and dry the lake basin.

ALPHA Environmental Solutions has pioneered in the field of dredging sludge from plastic-lined lakes using specialized compact dredgers designed for use in lakes with plastic lining.

In addition to the physical removal of sludge, we also organize all laboratory toxicological testing and Municipality permits needed for the disposal of sludge to landfill.

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