Lake Management & Algae Control

ALPHA Environmental Solutions can maintain and manage your lakes and other ornamental water features. Our water feature maintenance services include:

  • Water Testing including pH, free and total chlorine, cyanuric acid, salinity, TSS, TDS, algaecides, hardness, alkalinity and microbiological characteristics (including legionella).
  • Algaecide application.
  • Chemical treatments for chlorination, bromination, pH control, alkalinity hardness and cyanuric acid modification (depending on the system desired by the client).
  • Water change and top-up.
  • Routine cleaning of mechanical and/or biological filtration system components, including circulation pumps, nozels etc.
  • Regular brushing and cleaning of water feature facades.

Our maintenance team can provide long term maintenance packages to ensure the asset is maintained in top condition at minimum cost.

 Call 043386660 or email to arrange a site visit by our team.