Lake Aeration & Fountains

Alpha Environmental Solutions is the sole distributor for VERTEX Lake Aeration Systems & Floating Fountains in the United Arab Emirates. For inquiries or arrangements, visit our contact us page or reach us at 043386660 and


As the technology leader in custom floating fountains, Vertex is known for providing the highest quality, environmentally sound products for the market. With custom floating fountains as large as 60hp, Vertex has earned a reputation for attention to detail and customer satisfaction for over 30 years.

Fountains need to work smoothly and efficiently over a long period of time, so Vertex makes sure that individual components are built from the highest quality materials and assembled to exacting standards. Our designs begin in research and development, go through extensive engineered production, exhaustive quality control, and finally, complete systems testing to ensure a striking focal point in your lake.


  • UL listed, high-performance turbine pump/motor assembly
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Water cooled: no oils, seals or o-rings to replace, or “Maintenance Kits” to buy


  • Precision machined brass/bronze nozzles
  • No inferior plastics/PVC


  • Rotocast polypropylene construction
  • UV inhibitors for long life
  • Individual leveling compartments


Create an even more dramatic effect by adding a light package to your Vertex fountain system. Whether powerful
halogen or energy efficient LED, in standard white or dazzling color combinations, your illuminated fountain is sure
to be a focal point to the property.

All Vertex lights feature cast bronze, stainless steel and/or copper construction. From a single 54W LED to a 6000W
halogen system, all Vertex lighting is designed to illuminate even the largest displays.


Dissolved oxygen is the most critical indicator of a pond or lake’s health and water quality. When oxygen is used up too quickly in the water problems can occur.

Vertex advanced diffused aeration systems for lakes, ponds, canals and marinas have been shown in INDEPENDENT TESTING to aid in pond and lake restoration by adding oxygen to the water at all depths. Lake aeration is a better choice for the environment as it reduces the need for chemicals to combat problems caused by low oxygen.

Lakes that are ‘stratified’ have increased bottom muck, excessive nutrients, plant/algae growth, and noxious gases. Our advanced diffuser design forms an ultra-wide column of upward moving water, “turning the lake over” and allowing oxygen to be absorbed at the surface. Let us design the system to meet your lakes specific needs.