About Us




ALPHA is a professional environmental services company specializing in lake management and pest control services.

ALPHA Environmental Solutions help our customers identify their needs and formulate comprehensive management and maintenance plans, to achieve practical solutions to their lake and water quality problems. Lakes, reservoirs and water features are a particularly important part of any property, adding value, utility, and aesthetic beauty. We offer the most technologically advanced lake management products and services available, to help our customers eliminate and prevent problems, and to maintain a natural, healthy, balanced and beautiful ecosystem. For those prospective clients whose lake or pond is already experiencing problems, our services can restore it to its original beauty and help restore ecological balance.

We have an experienced and well trained team of professionals that can carry out lake maintenance services throughout the UAE. We have access to a wide range of technologies including physical, chemical and biological treatments as well as customized treatments that are tried and proven in the harsh Middle Eastern environment. Our experience also extends to various lake and water types including those filled with sewage effluent, groundwater lakes and potable water.We focus on technical proficiency and have a comprehensive collection of water sampling equipment and close associations with Municipality approved laboratories, to ensue fast and reliable test results. With our many years of experience we can provide our clients with an extensive list of references related to lake restoration and management throughout the UAE. Our company trade license has a wide range of activities allowing us to provide a complete solution to all lake-related problems.


ALPHA Environmental Solutions services include:

  • Lake management and Algae removal.
  • Water Quality improvement.
  • Algae and aquatic
  • weed control.
  • Fish stocking.
  • Odor control.
  • Fountain and aerator service and maintenance.
  • Specialized lake pest control services (mosquito and midge control).
  • Sludge profiling and removal services.
  • Lake dye application.
  • Lake landscaping modification and repair.
  • Lake and reservoir leak identification.
  • Shoreline weed management.
  • Water quality monitoring and testing.
  • Bryozoan management.
  • Legionella Risk Assessment and mitigation.
  • Water quality modification to comply with Dubai Municipal requirements.

We have a comprehensive list of clients in Dubai and the Middle East with proven results and a well-trained team of professionals to provide long term management and maintenance plans for lakes, reservoirs and water features and ornamental ponds.





                      Call 043386660 or email info@alphasolutions.ae to arrange a site visit by our team.